This is an appreciation letter from CAD to HAAT for thanking the tremendous support and dedication in promoting the enhanced air cargo security regime and enabling 100 percent screening of export air cargo to come to fruition in HK.


Hon Frankie YICK Chi-Ming, SBS, JP urges cross-border drivers to operate in a fully Closed-loop management, hopes that the two governments will negotiate   Since the implementation of a comprehensive connection mode for cross-border transportation between China and Hong Kong on the 14th of last month, the logistics industry has pointed out that business is…


Mainland bans point-to-point cross-border transport, Hong Kong industry says freight rates soar fivefold   Under the epidemic, the mainland has adopted a comprehensive connection mode of operation, so that Hong Kong cross-boundary drivers can only go to the connection yard to pick up the goods, not point-to-point to the factory. This arrangement has led to…


HAAT discussed with Hactl on the efficiency of receiving export bulk cargo/pre-loaded pallets at CTO, and received a very positive response.


In order to understand the needs and expectations of members, HAAT designed an electronic questionnaire for members, giving the association direction to fulfill the expectations of members.