HAAT discussed with Hactl on the efficiency of receiving export bulk cargo/pre-loaded pallets at CTO, and received a very positive response.


In order to understand the needs and expectations of members, HAAT designed an electronic questionnaire for members, giving the association direction to fulfill the expectations of members.


Due to the COVID-19,”Member Operation Lunch Meeting” cannot be held as usual. In view of this, President suggeststo use the video conferencing mode to hold meeting from this month, so that members can participate in the meeting and express their opinions.


HAAT invited Winon Telecom Limited to introduce the functions of the product “Wireless Mobile Video Surveillance”.


Mr. Antonio Lam was unanimously selected as Chairman of HAAT (2021-2022). Antonio, who is the Managing Director of Forward Transportation Co. Ltd, became HAAT Council member in 2012 and was selected as Vice Chairman in 2018 responsible for coordination with various government departments and logistics associations in logistics projects aiming at seeking competitive advantages for…


HAAT accepted the invitation of the Airport Customs to participate in the new “Air Cargo Customer Liaison Group” and arranged the secretary representative to participate.


On 9 Sep, Vice President of HAAT, Mr. Lam Chi Wai, attended the seminar on the establishment of the Association Alliance by theHon Frankie Yick Chi-ming, SBS, JP, a member of the Legislative Council. The purpose is to organize the Association Alliance to appeal to the Government.


HAAT specially invited Plus One Global Consulting Limited to share the EU’s air cargo security inspection policies, information on security inspection tools, security inspectors’ operational performance and accompanying training, etc., and can assist HAAT members to apply for RACSF certification from the CAD.


On 8 Jul, CPSL pointed out in the second quarter season meeting with HAAT that employees in the industry had repeatedly suffered accidents at terminal. CPSL now urges the industry to remind employees to work carefully and pay attention to safety.


On 19 Mar, Vice President of HAAT was invited to participate in the AAHK’s Future Smart Airport Briefing. One section was about air cargo logistics, improving transparency, and and the stakeholders of the cargo can clearly know all cargo information (such as variety, Quantity, packaging, AAWB, HHAWB, special handling, documents, customs requirements, etc.) and real-time…


On 11 Feb, HAAT participated in the “Sea Dragon Exercise 2020”, which organized by the AAHK under “No Land Link” (NLL) situation. There was 9 vehicles arranged for this exercise by HAAT.


On 19 Dec, the Secretary of HAAT attended the consultation meeting on the plan of Phasing Out Pre-Euro IV Diesel Commercial Vehicles organised by the Hon Frankie Yick Chi-Ming, SBS, JP, a member of the Legislative Council.


On 10 Dec, HAAT attended the delegation of Logistics Service Industry visiting Zhuhai, which is oragnised by Hong Kong Trade Development Council and led by the Hon Frankie Yick Chi-ming, SBS, JP, a member of the Legislative Council.


On 19 Nov, HAAT attended the Asian Logistics and Maritime Conference organised by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council.