Smartsec Net which developed by HAAT’s partner, Hong Kong Secure Transportation Systems Limited (HKSTS), has been approved by the Civil Aviation Department as one of the secure transportation measures.


On 26 Jun, HAAT participated in a seminar organized by the Civil Aviation Department about the new ICAO 2021 policies.


The Vice-President of HAAT attended the delegation of the shipping and transportation industry to Beijing, which was organised by the Hon Frankie Yick Chi-ming, SBS, JP, a member of the Legislative Council.


On 7 April, HAAT participated in the typhoon exercise organized by the Transport Department and AAHK. The exercise was based on the information mode by using the telephone, fax and Whatsapp etc.


On 20 Feb, HAAT arranged members to visit the Hactl Cargo Terminal and there were 24 members from 5 companies participated in the visit.


On 31 Jan, HAAT participated in the “Sea Dragon Exercise 2019”, which organized by the HKIA under “No Land Link” (NLL) situation. The exercise was based on the information mode by using the telephone, fax and Whatsapp etc., and there was no vehicle being arranged for this exercise).


HAAT was recommended by the Hon Frankie Yick Chi-Ming, SBS, JP, a member of the Legislative Council, to apply for the representative of the Logistics Development Bureau.


HAAT members attended the visit of CPSL Cargo Terminal to see the X-ray machine, which was for group purchase.


After several discussions between HAAT and the relevant organizations, HKIA agreed to construct the truck parking lot in the area of airport. The construction was completed and will be opened to the public in April 2019.


HAAT and Hactl have decided to set up a notification system after the meeting on 14 Nov to solve the wrong behavior of the vehicle in the cargo terminal.


With the agreement between HAAT and the X-ray machine supplier, the X-ray machine group purchase price (about 40% savings) was provided to HAAT member. HAAT also helped members to apply as regulated air cargo screening facility (RACSF) airfreight warehouse, and successfully strove the postpone of the transitional arrangement for the ICAO new airfreight measures until…


In order to fulfil the new policy issued by International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), which is about export of air cargo in Hong Kong must be subject to 100% security check on 30 June 2021. HAAT together with HAFFA and HKLA conducted an Air Cargo Security questionnaire (ICAO 2021) to understand the problems, difficulties and…