June, 2014

HAAT members attended and supported the briefing session of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report on the expansion of Hong Kong Airport into 3RS, as well as the public forum of the planned 3RS project.


HAAT arranged trucks from members to participate in the “Sea Dragon Exercise 2014”, which was organized by HKIA. The exercise was a simulation test when airport was under “No Land Link” (NLL) situation.

January, 2014

Basing on the feedbacks from the HAAT and the freight forwarding industry, CPSL had set up an inclined platform at PPK’s prepack pallet acceptance area, the installation of the inclined platform was expected to smoothen the staff’s working process.

October, 2013

A meeting was conducted with Hactl to solve the issue regarding the unreasonable prohibition of offending vehicle to enter the warehouse. To improve communication in the future, quarterly meetings with CTOs were set up for information sharing.

August, 2013

HAAT members attended the open forum on Three-Runway System (3RS) organized by HKIA. 20 members also attended the safety seminar on tail gate truck operation.

July, 2013

Members expressed grave concern that the sub-contractor would monopolize the industry, then HAAT informed HKIA and HAFFA that it would conduct a meeting with CPSL’s CEO to convey members’ concern. They reached a consensus on monitoring the situation together with CPSL, so as to avoid any monopoly in the industry.

April, 2013

HAAT accepted the Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA)’s invitation to attend the meeting with the CTOs and HAFFA for setting up emergency system. When there were emergencies, HKIA and CTO would inform HAAT, and HAAT would alert its members for truck arrangement.

March, 2013

HAAT accepted the invitation of CPSL, and visited the operation of a New Cathay Pacific Cargo Terminal, 65 members participated in the visit.