The history of the Hong Kong Association of Aircargo Truckers (“The Association”) dates back to mid-to-late 1990s. At that time, a group of local freight forwarding partners and organizations joined hands to express the views of the industry, and they successfully met the industry’s needs. 

Facing the rapid development of the freight forwarding industry, as well as the influence of the government (e.g. infrastructural development like the relocation of the Hong Kong International Airport), they established the Hong Kong Association of Aircargo Transportation, which was then renamed as the Hong Kong Association of Aircargo Truckers (HAAT), with the aim of bringing together freight forwarding practitioners for their common good. 

It has been over two decades since its establishment in 1998. Over the years, the Association has strived to build up strong connection with local airfreight companies, organizations and the government, represent the collective views on all matters affecting the industry, and feedback to issues and policies which affect the freight forwarding industry as a whole. After years of hard work, the Association has acquired outstanding achievement and gained support from the industry partners. Looking ahead, the Association is committed to joining hands to further strive for the common good for the peers in the industry, so as to bring greater benefits and protection to the development and prosperity of the entire industry.


2020DecHAAT completed the biennial election of council members. Mr. Antonio Lam was unanimously selected Chairman of HAAT. Mr. Freddie Lam becomes HAAT Life Honorary Chairman after serving as HAAT Chairman since 2012.
2018DecHAAT completed the biennial election of council members.
2017MarHAAT was invited to attend the meeting about "abuse application of non-aircargo trucks widen bodywork" by Transport Department. HAAT assist Transport Department to establish application regulations and reduce the abuse application, which was effective on 1 Apr 2017.
2015MayHAAT met with Mr. Frankie Yick, member of Legislative Council, and Ms. Alaina Shum, General Manager of Air Cargo & Logistics of the AA, to discuss and request the construction of a truck parking lot. (There is double yellow line in Tung Chung area and no parking space for trucks to wait for late cargo and replenish meal time for drivers.) After several discussion, AA agreed to allocate a  truck parking lot. It was planned to be complete in the 3rd quarter of the 2018.
2015AprHAAT together CHKLI, HKLA and HAFFA succeeded in getting approval through petition of "promote of the Tuen Mun District Council for the approval of, usage of Tuen Mun for Logistics Land".
2015---HAAT waived the registration fee of new corporate members.
2014OctHAAT joined the Land Transport Industry Alliance.
2014SepHAAT made amendments to the Constitution and reduced membership fees.
2014JanNumber of corporate members steadily increased.
2013FebHAAT Council was established, membership structure and fees were discussed and confirmed.
2013JanHAAT was organizationally restructured, the interim committee was founded, and the office was relocated to Tsuen Wan Industrial Building.
2000---HAAT formed a committee with different transportation business organizations, and succeeded in getting an extension for low tax rate on ultra low sulphur diesel for another 9 months.
2000SepThe HAAT office was relocated from Good Harvest Air Freight Centre to Chun Yu Cargo Centre in Tsing Yi.
1998DecThe Hong Kong Association of Aircargo Transportation Limited was officially retitled to the Hong Kong Association of Aircargo Truckers Limited (HAAT).
1998SepThe Hong Kong Association of Aircargo Transportation was officially established, Mr. Richard Tsang was the Founding Chairman.
1997---A group of local freight forwarding partners and bodies urged the government to modify the regulations regarding the trucks. Both sides reached an agreement and successfully loosened the limit on the width of trucks, this marked the beginning of the foundation of HAAT.